Mission StatementOur mission is to promote the sport of field hockey in the town of Trumbull. Our goal is to teach the fundamental skills of field hockey, introduce team concepts and strategies and encourage sportsmanship in a fun and safe environment

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Parents, you can always ask the coaches and parent volunteers your questions. For quick information, check out  some of these helpful links:

iSports Parents' Guide to Field Hockey

Beginners' Guide to Field Hockey

Trumbull Goalies
The position of goalie is more than standing in the 7' x 12' field hockey net waiting for a ball to come your way.  Goalies are the "captains" of the defense.  They are in the position not only to stop goals but also watch the play as it happens and help players know where they should be and who they should be "marking up".   Goalies need to be confident and not be afraid to use their voice- the louder the better!  Girls interested in trying the position  practicing (including running) in full goalie pads which include leg and feet pads, gloves, chest and arm protectors, neck guard, helmet and a mouth guard.  Goalies will split their time in the goal with other goalies so there will still be opportunity to play in the field during games.  TYFH has a designated goalie coach who will work with the goalies on how to move in the equipment and play the position include using their voice!  
If you have any specific questions regarding the position please contact Goalie Coach Tiffany McCarthy at 203-526-4363 or